Puppetry Of The Penis

Aussie duo, Simon Morley and David Friend are the genital geniuses behind the “Puppetry of the Penis” tour. Their performance, which includes a theatrical contortion of the male genitalia coupled with outrageous sound effects and comedic narration, makes for a uniquely shocking and uproariously funny routine that appeals to all ages (18+ of course).

Aussie duo, Simon Morley & David Friend, otherwise known as “Friendy”, are the men - or the genitals - behind the “Puppetry of the Penis” sensation that has made its way around globe and performed in more than 20 countries.

Simon started the concept of genital contortionism as an arty calendar showcasing his favourite and unique penis art installations. He later teamed up with Friendy to perform popular live shows at private parties and hen’s nights.

Moving the show to the big stage, Simon & Friendy took out the 1998 “Melbourne International Comedy Festival” award for “Outright Best Show” and have continued on to great heights ever since. Performing at some of the world’s most prestigeous comedy festivals and theatres and entertaining for some of the world’s most famous celebrities, the “Puppetry of the Penis” show is a definite must see.

Demonstrating in their shows the ancient art of “genital origami”, also known as Dick Trick, their contortions and theatrical flexibleness of their … nether regions, coupled with their outrageous commentary and sound effects, make for a truly uniquely shocking and uproariously funny performance. The show appeals to men, women and even many a granny, who often are shocked but compelled to see every private part of the show.

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