Kevin Bloody Wilson

There is no doubt that Kevin Bloody Wilson is The Keeper Of The Key when it comes to Australian humour. Kev is so far out there in his own little orbit that he’s created his very own music genre’ that defies musical pigeonholing. Unit sales of almost four million worldwide bear testimony to his International success. In January 2010 he received a nomination for Australian Of The Year and his entire body of work has been chosen for inclusion in The National Film And Sound Archive.

Without traditional media support, all of Kevin Bloody Wilson’s albums and DVDs have achieved Gold Sales status globally, with many reaching Platinum, and one, ‘Kev’s Back’, awarded an amazing quadruple Platinum status.

It seems ironic that twenty-five years ago, Kevin Bloody Wilson was being arrested for performing his songs in public, yet on Australia Day in January 2010, he was officially nominated for Australian Of The Year for doing exactly the same thing.

It’s also a known fact that nobody tells Australian stories better than Kevin Bloody Wilson. His peers agree;

“The world’s funniest Australian” Billy Connolly

“I love Kev. My favourite is Livin’ Next Door To Alan.” Paul Hogan

"Hello John, is the funniest song I've ever heard in my entire radio career." John Laws

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