David Strassman

David Strassman. He's the dark-edged, avant-garde artist who lifted ventriloquism into the 21st century, acquiring a multitude of fans and critical acclaim along the way. Led by the evil Chuck Wood and delightfully cute Ted E Bare, Strassman's "renegade band of puppets" (as The Scotsman called them) create a multi-layered stage performance. Audiences forget that its actually a one-man show!

As a concert act, Strassman is one of the top 5 comics touring Australia, filling theatres nationwide for weeks at a time. As with Tim Minchin and Ross Noble, he combines a unique perspective with jaw-achingly funny material.

And he's not only popular in Australia. Strassman's radically original theatrical productions have played London's West End, New York's Off Broadway and the Edinburgh Fringe. Yet he's most proud that he gets as many laughs in a club in Kalgoorlie or Broken Hill - without all the tech wizardry - as he does in LA or New York.

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David Strassman: Twin Pack

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10 Serious Questions with David Strassman

10 Serious Questions with David Strassman


    Pink Flamingo : Farkquar
    Onesie's : Twosies
    Permed hair : Bush

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